ACTS Law is a law firm in Los Angeles, California specializing in a wide array of practice areas from catastrophic injuries to insurance law and property damage.


ACTS Attorneys are a diverse firm located in Los Angeles and San Diego, that specializes in several case types. They range from civil rights to personal injury to commercial property insurance. Prior to 2018, they had a website which required a new design setup with improved user experience, SEO, content creation, and marketing strategies. They needed a platform that would communicate their services to potential victims of these various cases.


Working with the team we formulated a complete marketing strategy that optimized their website code, load times, and improved their rankings on Google. This was achieved by building a user-friendly, and content-oriented experience to provide valuable resources for potential clients.

By reorganizing the website we gave it a polished look worthy of one of Los Angeles leading law firms. The landing pages were also re-designed to generate leads and increase conversions. We also worked on a CRM integration and email marketing efforts.


Subsequently, the website has allowed the firm to gain credibility amongst its competition and amongst its potential clients. We are currently continuing our digital marketing efforts together, increasing overall brand recognition daily. ACTS Attorneys has continued to grow and achieve multi-million dollar judgments. Since our initial consultation, made their appearance in a number of well-known cases, including multiple representations for families affected by NutriBullet malfunctions and disasters. They have been featured in a plethora of prominent media outlets, such as ABC News, LA TimesUSA Today, and The New York Times.

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