Bacio di Latte

Bacio di Latte was born in 2011 from Edoardo and Luigi’s passion for Gelato, and their desire to share it with the rest of the world.


Web Design
Marketing Manager


Online Store
Website Updates
Content Creation


Chow Now


Bacio di Latte is an authentic gelato store from Italy that was looking to establish a presence in Southern California. 

They approached us to design and implement their new website and create an online ordering system with take-out and delivery.

The website also needed to highlight the different flavors and amazing production quality that respects an ancient italian tradition.


Over the last 15 years, we’ve developed an extremely effective website design process that puts the user at the center of every decision. With that in mind, and following the brand guidelines, we designed a gorgeous website with a seamless experience across all platforms and devices. We also implemented third-party tools like ChowNow and Square.


Bacio di Latte has become very successful, with an incredible growth rate and huge acceptance from its customers. The website has become a pivotal asset for the company driving marketing efforts and customer relationships. Online ordering for pick up and delivery also represents a big part of the business.
We’re very happy with the results and excited to continue our partnership.


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