Crateful is a convenient way to eat organic,

whole, locally-sourced meals.


  • Web design
  • Print Design
  • Coporate Identity
  • UI / UX


  • Food Delivery Website
  • Subscription Website
  • WordPress Build


  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media


Crateful wanted to stay ahead of the curve by making their ease-of-access to high-quality meals the main identity and selling point. They needed an interface to help customers design and choose their meals, as well as the publicity to stand out from their competitors on a local scale to grow into a national market.


We optimized the website so it’s easy to sign up, get started, and see all the options available. We emphasized the quality and health of the meals people would be receiving and made sure we showcased the stars of the original plan: the culinary expert Cristina Bower and the knowledge of Alyse Levine to give the backing the menu needed, along with the Michelin rating to boost the promise of the quality customers were looking for.


Along with this, we developed a simple subscription to encourage sign-ups and guarantee returning business.  To promote traffic, we developed a brochure to show what meals were available and made the website search-engine optimized. These implemented changes have helped the business to grow beyond the city of Los Angeles.

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