Jobar International

Founded in 1972, Jobar International, Inc. is an internationally-respected market leader in the consumer products industry. They are a business-to-business supplier that creates unique, functional, and quality products. Their catalog includes over 700 items, with 100 new additions annually.

They needed to bring their “good-ole-boy” company to the modern age of e-commerce. Jobar also needed a website that could easily display their entire inventory with little load time and quick navigation; additionally, they wanted a preferred clientele website for special deals for their best customers.

We created a unique backend for them to manage the entire inventory and easily categorize their products. We did this for both their main website and their preferred clientele website to easily give discounts and updates for both customer bases. With six unique brands, this was crucial to be able to navigate their websites and organize their products. Along with these changes, we also made the website accessible across all platforms and search engine optimized for high returns and easy online browsing.


With recent expansions into Hong-Kong and the UK, they have developed on an international scale.