Phil Hill

A Legacy Website for a Racing Legend

A Formula 1 Racing legend, Phil Hill was the first and only American born racer to win the World Championship.

2011 marked the 50th anniversary of his victory, and Phil’s family came to us looking to create a website that would pay tribute to his legacy as well as promote the upcoming book, Inside Track.

Working directly with Phil’s son, Derek, we conceptualized a website that would showcase Phil’s incredible photo archive collection (many of the photos were taken by Phil himself with a 35mm Leica M3 Color-True Kadachrome). Our aim was to create a website that would be informational, engaging, and memorable. In addition, we created a unique logo based on Phil Hill’s original signature.

The final result is a visually engaging website focused on providing information about Phil’s legacy as well as promoting the upcoming book.

The project was showcased at the 50th anniversary celebration in Monza, Italy, and has become a great resource for fans around the world to learn about this great chapter in Formula 1 history.


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