Planet Experts

Planet Experts is a website that gives credible scientists, journalists, and activists a stage to relay information directly to the public.

A year ago, the founders of Planet Experts had a vision of creating a platform where environmental specialists could be given a stage to connect directly with the general public. They felt that the masses had been misinformed on many pivotal environmental issues and people needed to have direct access to the truth as told by expert scientists, journalists, and activists. Looking to turn that vision into a reality, the partnership with ST8 started.

St8’s approach was to design a website where content could be delivered by experts via an “express pipeline of news to educate and engage a worldwide audience.”


Starting with the interface, the latest articles on topics such as climate, politics, wildlife, etc., are delivered in a streamlined fashion, accessible on all platforms. This website design makes the user experience simple and pleasurable from the get go.

Since the Planet Experts’ launch one year ago, website recognition and traffic has grown exponentially and shows no signs of slowing down. Planet Experts is rapidly becoming one of the main websites for environmental information.

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