Why you should be using editorial calendars for your social media strategy…

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Social media is an important part of the online marketing strategy. Here at ST8 Creative Solutions, we create editorial calendars that show social media content two weeks ahead of time reflecting overall themes and a unique brand voice for each client.

Our editorial calendars include customized content for the social networks Facebook and Twitter. Content can include everything from videos to articles to branded images and more. This content is just another part of the story-telling aspect of your brand. Content is a way to add value for customers to follow the story of your brand.

Calendars are a great way to bridge together branded content and themes for social media. Here are just a few reasons why editorial calendars are a great approach to your social media strategy:

•Your strategy will be in writing where members of your team can see it, so it is actualized.  It can be changed and edited if needed so that everything is in place before it is broadcasted.

•It helps develop a cohesive voice for your brand with everything in one place.

•Planning ahead of time is always a great idea to coordinate efforts toward the big picture goals within a marketing strategy. This way you also keep in mind timely events and/or themes to weave into your strategy.

•If you organize your calendar by dates, you will have specific deadlines to create images, videos and blog posts toward your overall message.

•Focusing on topics can help stimulate creative juices flow while writing posts.

It’s good to map our your calendar to the day and even the time when tweets or posts will go out so that the process is streamlined. Once everything is in place, you can also use the social media editorial calendar to boost search engine optimization efforts by placing keywords within the posts. You can also measure the effectiveness of each post using metric tools to learn what kinds of content customers prefer to engage with.

Thus, editorial calendars are just another tool to implement in your marketing strategy to establish a strong web presence that will be rewarded with engagement, traffic, and new leads. Need help putting one in place? Feel free to contact us to help out!