Search Engine Optimization

Every day, over 5 billion searches are performed on Google for everything from “engagement rings” to “adult diapers,” just to name a few.

Effective SEO is more than having a top ranking position on Google.

It is the result of a comprehensive approach to your overall business goals. Understanding how your website can deliver value to your customer influences how well Google will index your site.

Starting with a competitive analysis, keyword research, content audit, and planning, we focus primarily on two main areas:

1 – Onsite Optimization

As a part of our SEO services, we first test your website and go over all the guidelines that search engines consider indexing signals: how well it looks on mobile devices, how fast it loads, or how relevant and engaging the content is. Google’s primary goal is to offer value to its users, so your website needs to answer the right questions that your potential clients are asking.

We also suggest and implement changes to your website, like creating new pages, adding contact forms and integrating goals on google analytics. Being one of the leading SEO companies in Los Angeles, we aim to implement fast incremental updates to your website based on data and performance. This area is crucial in order to create a successful marketing process and measure success over time.

2 – Offsite optimization

Everything that is not directly related to your actual website we call offsite optimization. There are many other signals that search engines look at when indexing a website, primarily links and content. For Google, every time someone links to your website, it perceives this as an endorsement, a vote. The more links you have, the more authoritative you’ll become.

It is important to understand that this link-building strategy needs to come naturally; these links need to be earned. One of the best ways we achieve this is by creating content that other websites would like to promote or people would like to share on social media – articles, blog posts, infographics, viral videos, etc.

We also perform a complete link audit to the links already pointing to your website and make sure you’re not a victim of spam, malicious software, or any “black hat” SEO that might have crossed your path in the past.

Local SEO is also an important part of this phase.

 Totally Transparent Monthly Reporting

We won’t leave you hanging. At the end of each month, we’ll meet and provide you with a detailed progress report and discuss the rollout of tasks for the following month. You’ll see the past and present rankings for each keyword and pages, link portfolios, traffic sources, and how the website is growing and improving month after month.


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