Quality, Quantity or Both?

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Vast amounts of time, effort and planning go into designing a website. This is so that a high representation of your firm’s services is advertised to your potential clients. However, oftentimes not much thought goes into the subject matter of the given website. What content does your website provide? Some questions that crop up after a website is launched are whether their content has to be detailed but informative or informative but quantitative. Which characteristic should my content possess? Quality or Quantity?

Introduction to Content Marketing
It is understood by some brands that old-school marketing, which uses traditional channels of print and broadcasting to communicate with their market, doesn’t quite cut it in this new era of the market. New school marketing, however, relies on the consumer and how they consume information. Marketing has now become about the target market. Consumers will disregard brands that try to tell them, what they need rather than producing what the consumer wants to hear and see. Hence why content marketing is extremely important especially within the judicial sector.

The law firms that produce informative, entertaining, and consistent content, (whether it be in the forms of audios, articles or blogs) will succeed in today’s marketplace. The best content marketing, however, will always focus on the demands of the consumer but not on the needs of the firm.

In order to create some sort of online brand presence, you will have to come up with a strategy that is best for your company and your consumers.

In order to create an online brand presence, you will have to focus on both the quality and the quantity of your content. You want your firm to create evergreen content, that always remains relevant and informative. Here are a few suggestions:

-Become a discovery hub for your clients
Via the content you provide, your job is to help your audience uncover new and interesting information. Your clients should be able to find answers to any queries, and your company should be able to predict upcoming trends within the given industry. Any law firm that does this will gain trust and will be viewed as a potential resource.

-Quality content then SEO
Over the years SEO has changed immensely. Since 2012 brands can no longer game the system through articles stuffed with keywords and strategies of backlinking. A law firm must use their SEO strategy to engage their clients with the content that they produce on their websites. First, you must answer the questions asked by your audience then deal with your SEO.

-Does your content tell a story?
The best engagement that a law firm can make to their audience is via telling a story. If you are able to tell a story through your content, you are connecting to your audience on an emotional and informative level. This technique sets you apart from the other firms in the marketplace.

Make sure that you have a consistent schedule. If you have both a high quality of content and high volumes of it you are bound to get traffic. You build trust with search engines, by producing content of the highest caliber, as this is what Google and its users are looking for. Google’s engineers have worked extremely hard on its algorithms to prevent poor \\quality websites from appearing as the highest organic listings. Notwithstanding, in order to get more traffic you have to frequently publish content on your website either weekly, daily or monthly rather than annually.

-Organize and schedule your publishings
You can use an editorial calendar as the focal point of your entire marketing strategy. More importantly, using this tool you can hone in and directly focus on the management of your content so that it meets the needs of your clients. It allows you to plan for future content which makes it an extremely proactive and organized approach. This calendar can allow you to improve and edit future content.

Content Distribution
When you have published some quality content, you must be prepared to also advertise about it. Broadcasting your content is just as important as creating it. Here are a few ways that you could distribute your content:

-Find multiple avenues to advertise content
-Influencer outreach
-Owned Content Distribution (social media, landing pages)
-Paid Content Distribution (paid social media ads, paid Google Ads campaigns)
-Earned Content Distribution(distribution of content via a third party, tweets, retweets, shares, PR pieces, guest blog posts)

Content still prevails
Content marketing is a key tool that all law firms should seriously incorporate into their strategies. It is the most effective SEO tool for law firms. Now that you know the relationship between SEO and content marketing you can start investing your time into this particular field. St8 are experts in producing high-quality content for law firms.

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