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  1. The State of Agile Branding

    • by Brandon

    Agile Branding in the Digital Age

    You’re sitting at your desk (or maybe somewhere else – we don’t know), and you’re worried about how to best develop your identity online. Creating a digital brand is not easy, especially when consumers are the driving force behind it – along with their ever changing opinions. In today’s rapidly evolving market, you need a brand identity that speaks to your audience on a personal level, while also adhering to your company goals. It must define you. To know whether or not your branding is effective, creative solutions (along with quick feedback) are needed. This is where agile branding can be useful.

    Agile branding does a few things:

  2. The Secret Sauce Behind Digital Branding

    • by Admin

    Digital Branding - A Secret Sauce

    If you thought successful digital branding was all about coming up with a snazzy new logo or designing a flashy website, you’d be off to a good start, but the idea of successful digital branding goes much deeper than that. In many ways, the game of branding hasn’t changed a bit since 1955 when a young whippersnapper of a burger franchise hoisted a set of golden arches into the air and invented the fast food industry. What has changed is the medium where that brand-building takes place, which sort of changes the game completely. Why not grab a cup of coffee or your favorite cold beverage and let’s learn about branding in the Digital Age?

  3. Link Earning is the New Link Building

    • by Admin

    Here is a great video post by our friends over at SEOMoz. With Google’s recent algorithm updates it has never been more important to earn links directly with relevant content rather than building them in the more traditional sense. Rand says, “You can earn links very, very directly if you create the kind of content that you know someone wants to share, wants to link to, would embed, would write about or blog about, include in their press or their research or in something that says something nice about them.”

  4. 2012 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Winning Work

    • by Admin

    5,000 entries from 70 countries. 41 finalist narrowed down to 16 winners. Needless to say, the 12th annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) provided an incredible amount of stunning student work to browse.

    Judging panel member Fernanda Saboia, creative director at Brazilian creative agency Tatil Design, said, “Students’ accessibility to technology gives them so much freedom to test, experiment and really take risks in their efforts to create something very original. It is so beneficial for students to get recognition like this at the beginning of their career as it gives them the confidence to continue to innovate and push the boundaries of self-expression.”

    Here are a few of our favorites:

    Motion Graphics Winner, Michael Rigley

    Heart Lift from ADAA Gallery on Vimeo.

    See the ADAA’s full gallery here.

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