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The future of SEO?

For the last two years, the field of search engine optimization has been largely fueled by keywords and their rankings. It’s all about getting on the first page. However, last month, Google announced that they will not be providing over 80% of keywords that site traffic come from, making the job of internet marketers such […]

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The Marriage of Search & Social Marketing is Upon Us

This write-up from Search Engine Land is really something. The marriage of search engine marketing and social media marketing. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Both marketing efforts are dependent upon producing quality content…it’s about time they got together. After reading this article, Ask us about our Search & Social Marketing package. “The search and social […]

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Adapting to Exponential Technologies

One of our clients, Peter Diamandis, touches on the advantage small entrepreneurial businesses have over large corporations when it comes to adapting to new technologies. Peter says, “Exponential technologies are causing such a disruptive force, changing at a rate so rapidly, that the large lumbering companies are unable to keep up.” So to all the […]

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2012 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Winning Work

5,000 entries from 70 countries. 41 finalist narrowed down to 16 winners. Needless to say, the 12th annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) provided an incredible amount of stunning student work to browse. Judging panel member Fernanda Saboia, creative director at Brazilian creative agency Tatil Design, said, “Students’ accessibility to technology gives them so much […]

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