Why Your Company Should Be Working with a Small Digital Agency

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Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to choosing the right partner to successfully guide your company through the bewildering maze of digital marketing options.

Naturally, you want to make sure that the SEO agency you select

Has a solid understanding of the basics of digital marketing.
Is committed to employing only the “white hat” tactics that will keep your business safely within the acceptable guidelines set by the search engines and other marketing channels.
Stays on top of the latest changes and developments across the digital landscape to help make sure that your marketing campaigns are as fresh, on target, and effective as possible.

Beyond all that, you need to feel comfortable working with your web design partner – confident in their good judgment as well as their commitment to keeping your best interests at heart throughout your relationship. These are the critically important traits so easily lost in a “big agency” environment yet so common to the smaller SEO agency.

Wouldn’t You Rather Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond?

Not so long ago, a senior executive was overheard asking the receptionist at a large marketing agency to “speak with my account representative.” Amazingly, no record could be found of his business. A fresh-faced junior account staffer eventually sauntered out, offered up a cup of coffee, and took notes as the executive related his marketing needs. While this level of “service” would astound many businesspeople, the executive took it all in stride – it had happened before.

The moral of this story is simple: smaller fish in a big agency pond rarely get the attention they deserve. If you want to reap the benefits from working with the very best agency people available, you need to seriously consider working with a smaller agency.

A Smaller Marketing Agency is More Focused on Your Goals and Needs

Every client is important to the smaller web design agency. Working with a small core team of dedicated marketing professionals means more attention can be focused on your unique set of needs and challenges. There’s less “passing of the buck” and more time and energy devoted to uncovering just the right approach to your company’s marketing campaigns.

Once a big agency assigns a team to handle your account, you’re pretty much stuck with that decision. You get the expertise and experience that the big agency “bean counters” feels your account requires without busting the overhead budget.

Contrast that with smaller marketing agencies – who are much more accustomed to bringing in expert outsourced talent as the need arises. What’s more, in most cases you’ll have direct access to the agencies’ chief executive or owner.

A Smaller Marketing Agency Relies on Unique Ideas – Not Cookie Cutter Templates

All too often, a large marketing agency will rely on templated solutions for their smaller clients’ campaigns. While it’s an easy and affordable solution for the agency, it may not always be in the best interests of their smaller clients – who lose the benefit of fresh creative ideas and solutions.

Smaller agencies, on the other hand, thrive on applying custom solutions and techniques. It’s their stock in trade, and one of the most important and valuable assets they can offer clients. They translate your company’s story into an effective and original solution that reflects your needs and resonates with your prospective customers.

A Smaller Marketing Agency is Nimble as Well as Flexible

Things move fast in the digital marketing space. Google updates its core search algorithm some 600 times each year, and Facebook seems to come out with changes to its advertising program every other day. Your company needs to be able to react quickly to adapt your marketing to these changes and to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

Unlike the big marketing agencies who labor under layers of management and present
procedures and protocol, smaller web agencies thrive on flexibility. They can shift gears quickly and turn on a dime in order to keep your company’s marketing campaigns up to date and relevant with the latest events and developments breaking in the marketplace.

A Smaller Marketing Agency Might be a More Affordable Solution

Big agencies have big overhead – which all clients help to pay for regardless of whether they use or even need every offered service. One way or another, the client foots the bill.

Small agencies aren’t burdened with bloated overhead. They keep their operation lean and trim – which means you’ll pay only for what you really need and no more.

A Smaller Marketing Agency Will Make You Feel Like You’re the Most Important Client

As a client of a small agency, you’ll enjoy a direct and personal relationship with the members of your account team. They take your ideas and your problems to heart because that’s how they roll. You’re never just a number – you’re a valued member of the team and a major contributor to the success of the agency.

If you think working with a smaller agency might be the solution to your marketing challenges, please contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.